UK Election 2017 EXIT POLL – Hung Parliament

The exit poll for the UK Election 2017 is predicting a hung parliament. Meaning no party will have a majority. Exit polls have been wrong in the past, but not by a great deal. The Conservative party could still achieve a majority but it will not be what Theresa May wished for when she called… Continue reading UK Election 2017 EXIT POLL – Hung Parliament

Philip Davies is a good choice for the Women and Equalities Committee

Philip Davies, Conservative MP, and Caroline Lucas, Green MP, where recently interviewed jointly on the BBC following Davies appointment to the Women and Equalities Committee for which Lucas seemed quite disappointed about but without a clear reason. For the record I would argue Davies is a good pick precisely because he has a different ideological background… Continue reading Philip Davies is a good choice for the Women and Equalities Committee

Scotland Yard launches Twitter Stasi

Earlier last month it was revealed that Scotland Yard is investing £1.7million into a ‘Twitter Squad’ after numerous threatening and abusive Tweets had been sent to a whole range of people including MPs, activists, and others. Now abuse, offensive jokes, and threats have been on the internet since the beginning. People behind a screen will… Continue reading Scotland Yard launches Twitter Stasi

Smith’s policies are Corbyn-lite

Below are the 20 policies/ideas Owen Smith announced last Wednesday. The important bit of it, not the word choice nonsense. It is not particularly different to Corbyn, more Corbyn-lite in parts. It appears Labour doesn’t have a policy problem but a personality problem. Corbyn makes policies sound more left than they are and Smith makes… Continue reading Smith’s policies are Corbyn-lite

Owen Smith’s Innocuous Comment

Last Wednesday Owen Smith, challenger to Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party, was outlining his major policies during a speech in South Yorkshire. While his policies were the most important aspect of the speech it seems the media, and some Labour MPs, felt it necessary to complain about innocuous comments made against Theresa May. Context… Continue reading Owen Smith’s Innocuous Comment

Eagle Fails to Fly: Blairite Tantrum Continues

Angela Eagle announced her challenge to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party yesterday. Everyone was waiting for it, not because we want her to be leader but because it was so painfully obvious that the right-wing of Labour had not finished their temper tantrum yet. In this, hopefully, last ditch attempt to oust Corbyn… Continue reading Eagle Fails to Fly: Blairite Tantrum Continues

Tackling the Political Elites

In the past week we have heard the FBI Directors recommendation on Hilary Clinton’s emails debacle and the release of the Chilcot Report into the Iraq War. Many were hoping that in both cases legal action would follow against the culprits. This has not happened. James B. Comey, Director of the FBI, said ‘no reasonable… Continue reading Tackling the Political Elites