Labour Party becomes tyrannical

The Labour Party NEC has been declared in its right to decide what arbitrary cut off date to impose on its members in the upcoming leadership election. They decided 12 January 2016. Anyone joining after that date does not have the right to vote in the upcoming leadership election, unless they spent £25 extra between… Continue reading Labour Party becomes tyrannical

Eagle Talks Nonsense

Angela Eagle, MP for Wallasey, has launched a very weak attack on Corbyn in the Guardian. Her attack claims Corbyn is doing nothing to combat bullying within the party. This is mainly from the recent occurrence of her own constituency meetings involving over zealous behaviour towards anti-Corbynists possibly involving homophobic slurs directed at Eagle. Possibly… Continue reading Eagle Talks Nonsense

Smith’s policies are Corbyn-lite

Below are the 20 policies/ideas Owen Smith announced last Wednesday. The important bit of it, not the word choice nonsense. It is not particularly different to Corbyn, more Corbyn-lite in parts. It appears Labour doesn’t have a policy problem but a personality problem. Corbyn makes policies sound more left than they are and Smith makes… Continue reading Smith’s policies are Corbyn-lite

Eagle Fails to Fly: Blairite Tantrum Continues

Angela Eagle announced her challenge to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party yesterday. Everyone was waiting for it, not because we want her to be leader but because it was so painfully obvious that the right-wing of Labour had not finished their temper tantrum yet. In this, hopefully, last ditch attempt to oust Corbyn… Continue reading Eagle Fails to Fly: Blairite Tantrum Continues