PewDiePie – A Racist?!

The Wall Street Journal published an article deriding recent videos by YouTube sensation PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, due to Nazi and anti-Semitic content used for comedic ends. Kjellberg has the largest and most watched channel on YouTube at 53million subscribers, making him a juicy target for sensationalism. The WSJ interprets the inclusion of such… Continue reading PewDiePie – A Racist?!

ECRI (EU) gently suggests restricting the press, UK gov’t responds accordingly

The European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance conducts a report every 5 years on the state of hate crime laws, the media, politicians, society with regards to racism and intolerance. The UK has had the “honour” of having its next report. Most of it is a fairly mundane overview of laws, stats, and such. The… Continue reading ECRI (EU) gently suggests restricting the press, UK gov’t responds accordingly

Scotland Yard launches Twitter Stasi

Earlier last month it was revealed that Scotland Yard is investing £1.7million into a ‘Twitter Squad’ after numerous threatening and abusive Tweets had been sent to a whole range of people including MPs, activists, and others. Now abuse, offensive jokes, and threats have been on the internet since the beginning. People behind a screen will… Continue reading Scotland Yard launches Twitter Stasi

Labour Party becomes tyrannical

The Labour Party NEC has been declared in its right to decide what arbitrary cut off date to impose on its members in the upcoming leadership election. They decided 12 January 2016. Anyone joining after that date does not have the right to vote in the upcoming leadership election, unless they spent £25 extra between… Continue reading Labour Party becomes tyrannical

Woman detained for reading a book

Yesterday a British woman, Faizah Shaheen, was detained and questioned due to reading a book. A muslim psychotherapist was on a return flight after her honeymoon to Turkey and happened to be reading, the award-winning book, ‘Syria Speaks: Art and Culture From the Frontline’. A collection of essays, short stories, cartoons, illustrations, and photographs from… Continue reading Woman detained for reading a book