Austria Re-run Election Results

Finally Austria has re-run its election between the independent (former Green) candidate Alexander Van der Bellen and the Freedom Party of Austria candidate Norbert Hofer. The election was originally held in May this year. The Austrian Constitutional Court found that postal votes had been improperly counted, that votes had been annulled in 20 out of… Continue reading Austria Re-run Election Results

Austria to re-run presidential elections

Last month saw a far right candidate, Norbert Hofer, narrowly defeated by only 31’000 votes in the Austrian election. Mr Hofer, Freedom Party, lost to Alexander Van der Bellen, former leader of the Greens. Today the constitutional courts declared the election must be re-run, likely due to 0.3% difference not being enough of a majority.… Continue reading Austria to re-run presidential elections

So, the result was Leave

52% of the UK electorate have voted to leave the European Union. A 2% majority having such a massive impact seems rather slim but that is what has happened. Sure the referendum was advisory only and doesn’t have to be followed but with Cameron resigning come October there isn’t much hope for “prolonged negotiations before… Continue reading So, the result was Leave