Farage’s Resignation Bodes Ill

Do not cheer for Nigel Farage’s resignation for it bodes ill. Farage proved himself to be a charismatic character with staunch fans and critics. His constant talk of common sense policies for ordinary, decent, people, his nostalgic patriotism, all while having a pint at a local pub made for excellent public relations. Leading a fringe… Continue reading Farage’s Resignation Bodes Ill

Austria to re-run presidential elections

Last month saw a far right candidate, Norbert Hofer, narrowly defeated by only 31’000 votes in the Austrian election. Mr Hofer, Freedom Party, lost to Alexander Van der Bellen, former leader of the Greens. Today the constitutional courts declared the election must be re-run, likely due to 0.3% difference not being enough of a majority.… Continue reading Austria to re-run presidential elections

Independence and the Breaking of Unions

When, if, the UK leaves the European Union. It will be referred to as an Independence Day by Farage and BoJo, an utterly ridiculous sentiment as it ignores the fact we joined willingly and had influence. The EU was not some foreign ruler even if it was portrayed as one. While BoJo and Farage have… Continue reading Independence and the Breaking of Unions

Corbyn’s Collapsing Cabinet

Over the weekend Corbyn was stuck with what could be a crippling blow. 13 shadow cabinet ministers resigned (at time of writing) in what could be described a Blairite coup sparked by Corbyn’s poor EU referendum campaigning. Though his constituency voted 75% remain showing that maybe there is some scapegoating taking place. However, even if… Continue reading Corbyn’s Collapsing Cabinet

EU Referendum: The Aftermath

Since Friday mornings announcement that the UK voted to leave the EU 52-48% a constant stream of events has occurred. The Leave campaigns have backtracked on promises (surprise surprise), Labour has imploded, Scotland is looking for another independence referendum, and the EU is getting annoyed at Britain dragging its feet regarding Article 50. So let’s… Continue reading EU Referendum: The Aftermath

So, the result was Leave

52% of the UK electorate have voted to leave the European Union. A 2% majority having such a massive impact seems rather slim but that is what has happened. Sure the referendum was advisory only and doesn’t have to be followed but with Cameron resigning come October there isn’t much hope for “prolonged negotiations before… Continue reading So, the result was Leave

On Sovereignty and Democracy within the EU and UK

First things first, let us establish the definitions of what we are discussing. This is important as while everyone knows what these mean they can be used in questionable contexts. Sovereignty – Supreme power or authority. A self-governing state. Democracy – A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of… Continue reading On Sovereignty and Democracy within the EU and UK