UK Election 2017 EXIT POLL – Hung Parliament

The exit poll for the UK Election 2017 is predicting a hung parliament. Meaning no party will have a majority. Exit polls have been wrong in the past, but not by a great deal. The Conservative party could still achieve a majority but it will not be what Theresa May wished for when she called this election.

Exit Poll Results:

Con – 314

Lab – 266

SNP – 34

LD – 14


The Liberal Democrats (LD) are already rejecting any sort of coalition. A repeat of campaign promises. It is possible for the largest party to form a minority government. In the past this results in a government unable to do anything.

In the current situation of Brexit there will likely be a vote of no confidence in the minority government resulting in a second election for the UK in 2017. As well as more leadership contests and no sign of any settling of the British political landscape.


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