Philip Davies is a good choice for the Women and Equalities Committee

Philip Davies, Conservative MP, and Caroline Lucas, Green MP, where recently interviewed jointly on the BBC following Davies appointment to the Women and Equalities Committee for which Lucas seemed quite disappointed about but without a clear reason. For the record I would argue Davies is a good pick precisely because he has a different ideological background to all others on the committee. Lucas disagrees arguing he does not represent diversity because he is a white Anglo male. An espouser of diversity wants to disqualify someone based on irrelevant characteristics. That is blatantly anti-diversity. Lucas’ champions diversity, but the weak kind, of skin colour and biological sex. Davies on the other hand argues for diversity of ideas, the kind that matters and is brutally important to a democracy. The disagreements of civil democracies make them great. Lucas, unfortunately, demonstrates her complete lack of understanding over this point while engaging in it. Let me explain. Lucas is engaging in disagreement, brilliant, but believes that certain committees should only have a certain type of idea held by its members, thus preventing disagreement. Disagreements should occur at all levels in order to seriously test the ideas being espoused.

Davies also wonders why it specifies women when it is well known that men face issues that this committee could look at such as a disproportionate numbers of work place deaths, men receiving harsher punishments than women for the same crime, and one-third of domestic violence sufferers are male. He argues it should simply be called The Equalities Committee. Lucas disagrees and says that would be fine when we have equality, implying we don’t yet. But why should issues that affect men not be on this Committees agenda until some time in the future. Who will be the one to decide what point that would be. Why not act as you intend to go on and look at all issues that arguably come under the equality banner. That is the point of the committee, to exclude a group based on ideological to biological backgrounds seems decidedly unequal.


Video of Caroline Lucas and Philip Davies

Men receive higher prison sentences than women

Male domestic violence stats


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