Stop blaming Russia for your failures

A British politician, Ben Bradshaw MP, of the Labour Party has spouted some utter nonsense. He has claimed Russia “probably” interfered with the EU referendum early this year. Not only does he make this claim but also admits that there is no evidence for it in the following sentence. If you hold this view privately, fine, but to say it in a Parliamentary debate which is broadcast worldwide is irresponsible.

“Russia’s strategy is to weaken and divide the free world,” Bradshaw said. “Not only the interface, now proven, in the American presidential campaign – probably in our own referendum last year. We don’t have the evidence for that yet but I think it is highly probable.” (HuffPo)

Ben sounds like a conspiracy theorist. As an MP he should know better than to make baseless accusations. He is making himself look like a laughing stock and the Labour Party look like a laughing stock. It already does but Bradshaw is making it worse than it already is.

Bradshaw even admits they lack evidence so this baseless accusation damages his own image, the Labour party, Parliament, and quite possibly foreign relations. We will just have to wait and see.

“Bradshaw said the Russia had “certainly” interfered in the French presidential election and warned the were “serious concerns” in the German security services that Putin was attempting to influence the German elections.” (HuffPo)

Doubling down in the speech he makes to make claims about French and German elections, the French election has had its first round for the Republican party and the German election has just started with candidate announcements. From unfounded claim to utter conspiracy.

This claim that it is proven the Russians interfered in the election is not agreed upon by FBI and CIA. The CIA argues that Russia stole emails from the DNC and RNC, leaked them to WikilLeaks and it damaged the Clinton campaign. Russia and Wikileaks have both denied. Wikileaks very ardently.

The CIA didn’t say that Russia altered the results or anything to that scale. Just that stolen emails swayed the election. This is unlikely, one event that really shifted the election was Clinton not bothering to visit Pennsylvania, Michigan, and other swing states. Another reason was the Comey letter being released October 28th that said he was re-opening the investigation into Clinton’s email server. The polls showed a massive dip for Clinton the day after this.

The emails revealed some shocking things about Clinton and her aides. Common knowledge within the emails was that Clinton had public and private positions. Now this is no surprise for a politician but it shook voters opinion of her. Most people watch and read very little politics news throughout a day so if you hear something like “Clinton has public and private position” it raises questions. There were many other revelations that could have altered public opinion against Clinton.

Revealing the emails is not interference in an election. It is pulling back the curtain for the sake of transparency. Wikileaks goal, utter transparency. Now if it is the case the Wikileaks is holding on to RNC emails, and does not release them, then Wikileaks are clearly politically orientated and this damages their credibility.

Now, the FBI has came to different conclusions. They say the aims of the hacks of the RNC and DNC emails are unclear, and ambiguous. This is odd that the FBI and CIA have utterly different conclusions on this. The FBI has already been under fire for the timing of the release of Comey announcing, through a letter, that he would re-open the investigation into Clinton’s email server.
Why are the FBI under fire for this? It was in the American publics interests to know as soon as possible what was going on with regards to top secret information being held on a private email server. Far better before the election than after.

What is clear, however, is that an investigation needs to occur into how these emails were leaked. If possible finding out the aim of the leaks as well. At the end of the day, however, the leaked emails were a very small part of why Clinton lost. Her own campaign is at fault far more than some emails, she was terrible.

(Quotes taken from Huffington Post article linked below.)


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