Austria Re-run Election Results

Finally Austria has re-run its election between the independent (former Green) candidate Alexander Van der Bellen and the Freedom Party of Austria candidate Norbert Hofer.

The election was originally held in May this year. The Austrian Constitutional Court found that postal votes had been improperly counted, that votes had been annulled in 20 out of 117 districts due to being challenged, and Austrian electoral law had been disregarded in 14 districts. The court thus ordered the vote to be re-run on the 2nd October, and this was later postponed to 4th December.

Van der Bellen is a former Green Party member who is pro-EU and ran a campaign appealing to the centre, garnering support of both left and right wing groups.

Hofer, of the Freedom Party of Austria, is an EU-sceptic who ran a campaign based on putting Austria first with nationalist tendencies. He had been praised by AfD in Germany, and National Front in France. Also garnering support of many right wing groups in Austria.

The final tally stood at 2,472,892 ( 53.8%) for Van der Bellen and 2,124,661 ( 46.2%) for Hofer.

Van der Bellen will be sworn into office 26th January 2017.


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