Overwatch: Mei is cold-blooded.

Overwatch is a great game. Lots of fun, competitive, and so far, for me, not that much toxic chat like other team based games. *cough* League of Legends *cough*.


A character by the name of Mei is a seemingly shy, glasses wearing, slightly chubby woman. Her weapon of choice is a gun that blasts ice wind, that freezes enemies, or a sharp shard of ice that does damage. The obvious combo here is to freeze an enemy and then shoot them between the eyes with a shard of ice.

Now both of these attacks are short range. Which results in her freezing you, walking up, lining up to score a headshot, and sending an ice shard right between your eyes. All the while she is staring at you. That is creepy as hell. Evil you may say.

Staring into the face of your enemy, while they can’t move, and firing a shard of ice right between their eyes. Fucking savage.


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