Eagle Talks Nonsense

Angela Eagle, MP for Wallasey, has launched a very weak attack on Corbyn in the Guardian. Her attack claims Corbyn is doing nothing to combat bullying within the party. This is mainly from the recent occurrence of her own constituency meetings involving over zealous behaviour towards anti-Corbynists possibly involving homophobic slurs directed at Eagle. Possibly because some have said it has happened, which caused the local party to be suspended from activity, and some are claiming it never happened. Until this is sorted the local party is barred from meetings or discussions. Though that hasn’t stopped parts of the local party of Wallasey calling an unofficial meeting for Tuesday evening.

Eagle claims Corbyn has done nothing but that is plainly false. Apart from the fact that the local party of Wallasey was suspended, a decision presumably from the NEC, and Jeremy has repeatedly said he condemns this sort of behaviour and calls for a kinder gentler politics. Corbyn has recently gone so far has to launch a code of conduct called Respect and Unity which condemns personal hostility and champions keeping discussions on the politics, to refrain from demonstrations at MP surgeries or outside offices, and a no tolerance approach to abuse on social media.

For Eagle to claim Corbyn has “sat back silently” is utter balderdash and quite clearly the Guardian needed to fill some sort of anti-Corbyn quota for the day.




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