Eagle Fails to Fly: Blairite Tantrum Continues

Angela Eagle announced her challenge to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party yesterday. Everyone was waiting for it, not because we want her to be leader but because it was so painfully obvious that the right-wing of Labour had not finished their temper tantrum yet. In this, hopefully, last ditch attempt to oust Corbyn as leader Eagle stated she was a “strong Labour woman” who could “unite the party”. Unite it from a struggle she and others orchestrated because they are unhappy with Labour moving away from Blairism. This isn’t some seeping need from the wider party but 172 MPs, many going against the wishes of their constituents including Eagle, to remove Corbyn from leadership. 
On a side note: her logo is dreadful. It is reminiscent of a cheap perfume label.
Looking at her voting record to see if she would appeal to Labour voters it doesn’t get much better. She voted for the Iraq War, and against an investigation into the Iraq War, for the bombing of Syria, for the introduction and subsequent rise of tuition fees, and abstained from voting on the welfare cute of £12 billion. Now abstaining is basically saying I agree but can’t voice my agreement when it comes to something like welfare cuts, something Labour should be universally against cutting so drastically. Her promise of uniting the party falls on deaf ears. Her voting record is completely out of touch with the vast majority of Labour voters and if she did become leader the party will simply have rebellion from backbenchers or worse a split off from Corbyn’s camp. 
The next part of this article was going to look at her policies and how she differs from Corbyn and what merits they have. But seeing as her only policy difference from Corbyn is she supports renewing Trident and Corbyn doesn’t this will be short. Other than renewing the Trident nuclear weapons programme Eagle is running on an anti-Corbyn policy, but not of Corbyn’s policies but of him as a person or whatever it is. I am completely at a loss as to what is wrong with Corbyn from her point of view other than his exceptionally low expenses (£153 last year), getting the bus to Westminster, not having canned answers for the media, and refusing to engage in the insult throwing of the Commons. 
Not only has Eagle shown 0 policies, 0 charisma, 0 vision, she has lost the support of her own constituency of Wallasey who are supporting Corbyn heartily. She set sail with a fire in the engine room. She is out of touch with the wider party, as little to no public presence, and should just accept that the Blair days are over.


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