Tackling the Political Elites

In the past week we have heard the FBI Directors recommendation on Hilary Clinton’s emails debacle and the release of the Chilcot Report into the Iraq War. Many were hoping that in both cases legal action would follow against the culprits. This has not happened.
James B. Comey, Director of the FBI, said ‘no reasonable prosecutor’ would bring a case against Clinton. Even though, in his own report, he says 33’000 emails were on unclassified servers and of those 110 contained classified information, 36, secret information, and 8 top secret. On top of this 2000 have been ‘up-classified’, meaning classified retroactively. He states negligence was rife but intent was not demonstrable. This lack of intent may very well be what he is basing his recommendation, of no legal action, on. For a crime that anyone not of political aristocracy would be utterly annihilated for. Or in the meeting between him and Clinton last week a back door deal was done concerning an Executive Order, legislation, or extra funding for the benefit of the FBI, when (if) Clinton becomes President. The political class in America are akin to rivalling noble families of the Republic of Rome in their immunity to laws meant for common people.
Turning to the Chilcot Report. Chilcot made it clear this was not to deem the legality of the Iraq War but an investigation into if the decision was sound. The report basically applies Just War Theory to the Iraq War retrospectively. Asking questions such as if it was a last resort, everyone was well informed, sanctioned by the UN, solid plan of action for during occupation, and proper funding. The report determines that none of these were met; it failed every condition of Just War Theory. The Ministry of Defence, Tony Blair, and the Labour Cabinet of the time are culpable for severe failings in those categories above, and more. The report could lay the groundwork for a criminal investigation but one has yet to be made. It has only been 2 days and it is 2.6 million words long so maybe something will happen within a week. There have been claims that while it was terrible it is not clear what laws where in fact broken if any exist which were broken and if new international laws could be applied retroactively (unlikely).
But what does this show to everyone else? That the political elites are immune to the law. That they don’t make laws to govern themselves but those ‘beneath’ them. They are above the law like monarchs and theocrats (Pope, Dalai Lama). In the centuries since overthrowing monarchs and civil governments became the norm nothing has changed with regard the upper echelons of power. The power of the top offices comes the ability to make large promises, bribes, and other back door deals and while this is a disappointing result we should not be surprised. 


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