Independence and the Breaking of Unions

When, if, the UK leaves the European Union. It will be referred to as an Independence Day by Farage and BoJo, an utterly ridiculous sentiment as it ignores the fact we joined willingly and had influence. The EU was not some foreign ruler even if it was portrayed as one. While BoJo and Farage have been very pro UK “independence” what about Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. All countries under the rule of the English with devolved powers granted to them by Westminster. Sounds awfully like an EU style system forced upon them. Johnson said there was little taste for a 2nd Scottish independence referendum but I doubt if he really has the knowledge or legitimacy to say that. Scottish independence is a concern for the Scottish, not the English. Sure we can moan, scream, and beg them not to leave the United Kingdom but the EUref shows that their political destiny is completely different to England’s. This isn’t even to mention the move for NI to rejoin Ireland (but we shall see how far that goes) and Leanne Wood’s, First Minister of Wales, talk of making the first steps of an independent Wales. 
I understand why they want to. They pay taxes most of which goes to Westminster and then most returns with where to spend it dictated to these regional powers. Scotland has far more regional power than Wales or Northern Ireland, hence why they have a Parliament and the other two Assemblies. They are probably sick of the English swamping their countries for holidays and summer homes because of the free movement of people’s across the 4 countries.
The UK is an EU style union in miniature, but with more powers given to the central government, Westminster, and as this referendum as shown the political futures for each is wildly different and perhaps it is time to break this United Kingdom up.


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