Corbyn’s Collapsing Cabinet

Over the weekend Corbyn was stuck with what could be a crippling blow. 13 shadow cabinet ministers resigned (at time of writing) in what could be described a Blairite coup sparked by Corbyn’s poor EU referendum campaigning. Though his constituency voted 75% remain showing that maybe there is some scapegoating taking place. However, even if Corbyn was to blame to start this coup now is exceptionally short sighted and petty while also being graced with the Conservative party being equally immobilised.
Luckily Corbyn seems to have shrugged the mass resignations off stating that he won’t quit, won’t start a leadership contest and if one was started through a mo confidence vote would run again, and on top of this he released the names of his new shadow cabinet, replacing all who had resigned. Quite impressive really. The fact is, Corbyn only has such a hard time as Labour leader because he was a back bencher, is atypical, idealistic, “Old” Labour, and has a far stronger public record for political demonstration than any other member of Labour. He rarely uses canned answers in interviews and was completely immune to the expenses scandal. He is not one of them and that is why MPs are so divided on him but he won the leadership contest so decisively when Labour members voted last year. I haven’t even touched on his stellar Prime Minister’s Questions performance. 
But returning to the implosion of Labour. Deputy Leader, Nick Frost – wait, no I mean – Tom Watson, has said Jeremy Corbyn has no authority. Which is true when your party refuses to follow someone because they don’t see him as one of their own. Now with a leadership contest likely despite Corbyn’s resolve we shall have to wait and see but Corbyn will stand again and will likely still have major support from Labour members, especially the young vote.


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